The digital menu born in the kitchen.

Whether you have a restaurant, bar, pizzeria, or a business that includes a price list to consult, with betwixt menu management you can manage and share all your menus and all your dishes with extreme simplicity.
You can manage each dish by entering a description, type, allergens and prices; Manage the display of your dishes on each menu, manage the type of price (total, per pax or single dish) and much more. With a simple click you can easily share all your menu proposals for ceremonies, banquets and various events through social networks or generate a pdf formatted with your brand and send them directly to your customers
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Collect all your menus

Collect all your menus
Set up all your dishes

Set up all your dishes

You run the ingredients of each composition

You run the ingredients of each composition
  • Publish Put your menu on your Facebook page

  • Share He's gonna generate a PDF and send your proposals by e-mail


  • Allergens, Vegetarian and Vegano

    specify the type of plate or ingredient

  • Prices

    • Price charge per single plate or whole menu
    • It's the prices of each plate on the various menus
  • Menus, plate and ingredient type

    Menus, plate and ingredient type

    Gather by flat types


Include your menu directly on your website via our widget or take advantage of the power of the API to integrate and customize your menus

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